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FINALLY.....The Less Stressful Path To Actively Owning and Managing Your Own Apartments and Commercial Investment Real Estate Revealed..”

Secrets That Can Get You First Shot At Only The Kinds Of Apartment And Commercial Deals You Hear About...No Where Else Will You Find These Closely Guarded Secrets for the Active Apartment and Commercial Property Investor - Until Now.

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Wednesday, 9:22 p.m.

Believe me, it took me awhile to internalize these principals myself. Many things these millionaire investors were doing was flying in the face of conventional wisdom, but they were working - and working big time!

I Found These Strategies Work; Fast Food Worker To Millionaire

These strategies and principals for Iowa and Midwest investment properties are easy to implement. I can give you 100 examples of people I've worked with who have a whole new life because of the Iowa and Midwest apartment and commercial investment property business.

For example: There's Clark Hejda.

Clark went from a manager of a fast-food chain of restaurants to quitting that job and just running his apartment properties full time in just a few years. He now has well over 70 units. All before the age of 40. By working with me Clark used these “heartland investment strategies” – knowing how and when to use them. That’s the key.

Then there's Brad Miller.

Brad was a guy that had purchased a couple of 8-plex properties that were doing well for him. At this point in his life, apartments were more of a hobby more than anything else. It came full circle recently when he lost his job. As a result, he decided to be an apartment investor full time. Once again, after duplicating these "millionaire maker" strategies, here's where Brad sits.

Size Of Property


Value today

24 units



8 units



8 units



That's about $300,000 Brad has made just in equity on his properties in a matter of 1-3 years!

I Don’t Just Sell A Ford, I Drive One Too!

One of the things that I can’t stand is people telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, how to do this or that AND they have no experience themselves. Or, even worse, they have not done what they are talking about for years and have no REAL WORLD experience in what they are telling you. Translation – DANGEROUS!

Well, as my grandfather used to say, never buy a Ford from a guy that doesn’t own one himself. The good news for you is that I also have purchased over $19,200,000 in commercial real estate for myself. Believe me, I learned from my clients! The good news? I bought all of this property using the same easy to implement strategies that you will discover.

So, What Does All Of This Mean To YOU?

I don't care what you're doing; you can't find that kind of return or wealth building that Iowa apartments/commercial property offer anywhere. The numbers from these guys are actual numbers with no "blue sky" involved. In fact, here are just some of the easy steps to discovering the secrets of fast and large profits from apartments and you can use all of these strategies. By having me assist you as an active owner of Heartland of America investment real estate you will:

  • Find hot, new apartment and commercial properties meeting your criteria delivered to you (at YOUR convenience) for review ASAP – no more waiting or delays which translates into missed opportunities.    
  • Earn tens of thousands of additional dollars at the closing table from these special properties.  This is even BEFORE you close on the property
  • Get Insider access to great commercial and apartment projects before they even get on the market - that never hit the Multiple Listing Service, giving you first shot at great properties.
  • You will also a profitably invest in these properties with the option of turning around and selling the property now or in the future AND NEVER PAY ANY CAPITAL GAINS TAXES. This strategy alone will put tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket!
  • By working with me you will be able to  tell if the property IS REALLY as good of a deal as the broker or owner is telling you –MAKING SURE you Avoid a real loser and BAG the real winner
  • Even before you take ownership we will Identify the 5 Easy steps to “Auto Pilot” Management of the Apartment or Commercial Property; never having to deal with tenants (if that’s what you want).                                     
  • I Will Even Go Through The Process of Showing You how to get into a property with a small cash outlay.
  • We’ll  even use the "triple hoop" negotiating strategy to make sure you buy the property a the guaranteed bottom dollar that the seller would accept.

Now, that’s the ‘Basic Package’ when you become one of my VIP Apartment and/or Commercial Property Buyers. If you do decide to become one of already 22 VIP Investment Property Buyers working with me you will also get:

A – Fast Start Package - Orientation

“Mistake Breaker” Cash flow Analysis Forms on Disc or CD's – Quickly Plug the property Into These Forms And You’ll Know If You Have A Winner Or A Loser.  Not only do I provide these to you I also include...

  1. Application forms for tenants that easily show you good tenant vs. the ones you should
    never let into your property.
  2. Lease forms for tenants of apartment and commercial properties – saving you
    thousands in legal fees
  3. Notices for tenants and how to post them
  4. Check lists for your local landlord association

B - My Hot CD...“How To Increase the Value Of An Apartment Or Commercial Property $100,000 Overnight” One of the most requested items I have from clients when they start working with me is, “Darin, do you know of any source of information, like a book or CD, that can help me become even more familiar with commercial investment property?” Well, because this is in high demand I have included this CD to get to you.  No where else will you find this kind of hard hitting information. 

Plus tips on choosing the right accountant, attorney and financial advisor as it relates to profiting from Heartland of America Real Estate.

Bonus COne on one coaching. If you become a VIP Buyer you will get one on one coaching from me and my trained staff! That’s correct. You will have ‘us’ by your side, analyzing property together to make sure they are winners. You will have someone with the experience of over $400,000,000 in commercial real estate purchases “partnering” with you to make sure you have a moneymaker that will not only produce large amounts of money for you but also give you the lifestyle you desire.

So, for six months we will be working to make sure we make you a lot of short term and long-term profits! This alone is worth literally tens of thousands of dollars! But if you act now it will be included at no additional cost.

Always remember that anyone can show you real estate for sale, this isn’t too tough. It takes someone with wealth building commercial real estate experience to make it all come together for you – profitably and with less hassle.

You can literally make more money in one month if you decide to work with me in identifying wealth building Heartland of America investment real estate than most people make all year AND never have to change careers.

Let's wrap this up...

The question is…. do you want to build wealth the slow and stressful way, or do you want to take the faster, easier path, the "auto pilot" path to building wealth or even a full time income?

This "Set for Life" system of working with me as a VIP Buyer is not cheap. It can't be! I guess it depends on your own definition of cheap. Some will think the price of this apartment and commercial investment system is very reasonable, others will gasp.

So, having said that, if what I have said makes sense to you so far, here is how you become a VIP BUYER:

1. If you want to become a VIP BUYER and Have Me Work With You And Represent You As Your Agent and Coach In Locating The Kind Of Heartland of America Real Estate I Have Referred To In This Letter The Investment Is - $997.00. (NOTE: You will make multiples of this investment on the property your purchase.) In other words, once you start working with me to locate and purchase a great Heartland of America Property it will be so profitable that your $997 investment will be paid back to you almost immediately.


So why do I even charge the $997 to work with me? I need to separate the serious from the not so serious. Unfortunately, there is only so much time in the day and I need to spend all of it working with the serious Iowa apartment and commercial investment property investor in finding the wealth building property that will work. I cannot spend my time with people that are not serious since it hampers the progress and opportunities for my clients that do become VIP Buyers. I am sure you can understand that.

Like I said, a bargain for some, a huge expense for others. I think though, if you invested $997 in the bank today, and in one year, you bank gave you back a minimum of $10,000, how many times would you go back to the bank? You and I know you would go back as many times as you could.

That’s how you have to look at this. This is an investment in you and your future; a small investment that will pay large dividends quickly – this can’t be seen as an expense by the success-minded person.

Yeah Darin, But I See “Get Rich In Real Estate” Opportunity Stuff Out There All The Time, Why Should I Even Pay Attention To You?

Look, I'm just as skeptical as you. Like you, I've seen every get rich quick scheme there is; every approach to making money. You probably are skeptical right now about this offer and quite frankly; I don't blame you at all. As a matter of fact, if I were you, I would be skeptical too...So...

Q & A

1. Can this really work in the heartland?
By having me represent you and act as your coach in implementing the strategies and systems – believe me they work. Take a look at these REAL testimonials on this web site and you will see this is not hype but real world. Plus, I own this kind of real estate PERSONALLY as well. I would not put my own money in these deals if what I was telling you were not true. .

2. I've seen all those get rich in real estate deals, what makes this different?
When you work with me we specifically design a WEALTH PLAN for you to invest in Heartland of America apartment and commercial property. And unlike many so-called plans, we actually work together in developing and following this one. You cannot find these wealth building properties, strategies and plans anywhere else. If you’re interested in cash flow, appreciation, and quick wealth building that you cannot get from single-family homes of other investments, even in your own back yard, the VIP Buyer program is your answer.

3. This all sounds good in theory, but what about management? I don't want to deal with a bunch of tenants, I don't have the patience or the time, and I'm busy enough as it is. Plus, what if I live in another state? What about that?
That's the nice thing about working with me - I can supply the property management function for you so it can be totally “hands off”. Never receiving a call or talking to a tenant…if that’s what you like. Keeping your time to yourself and your lifestyle. .

4. I think your $997 cost is too expensive. I've seen similar programs out there for much less or I can work with any other Realtor free.
As I've said. With your first transaction, you will bank cash or equity a minimum of $10,000. When you look at the price of $997 versus a minimum return of $10,000, why wouldn't you do it? Most of the investors that have worked with me have earned much, much more than that – right away – plus you get the $997 back at closing, then we actually buy a property. So, in essence, it’s FREE.

5. Why should I listen to you? I'm not familiar with you or with Heartland of America apartments or commercial investment property for that matter?
I hear what you're saying and I understand your skepticism. Frankly, I'm just as skeptical as you. So, here's the deal. I have "been there, done that". Not only for my clients, but also for myself as well. I personally own over 1 million dollars in investment real estate with most being apartments. I am not talking from theory or "Gee, this is how I think it happens". No, there are too many people out there that tell you this stuff with zero experience. I'm not like that. You'll discover exactly how to take the faster path to wealth from my own experience and being the hired gun of investors that have purchased over $400+ million in apartment and investment property. In other words, this IS real world stuff. And remember, no one is going to make you do anything you don’t want to do. I will be your agent and coach, not your drill sergeant.

6. What is the secret of getting this system to work? (How long does it take to see results?)
Quite frankly, it's you. Whether you want to add a couple of great apartment buildings or commercial properties to your real estate empire or you want maximum incoming cash flow now. You've got to really have the desire to do it. All it takes is the desire. I can help you with all of the rest of the pieces of the puzzle. It's like going to the store and buying the kit to build a model car. You bring it home and I'll put it together for you. That's how this system will work for you. But, you must first have the desire to buy. Within the first 90 days of receiving this system, you should have at least two properties that will start to quickly build your wealth.

7. If I invest in real estate, shouldn’t I go with something real safe, like single family homes?
At first this sounds like the thing to do and I cannot blame you for wanting to fall into the “OK, this sounds good but I better go with something safe, like a single family home in my market” If this is the conversation going on in your head it is going to limit you, big time, and double the amount of time it will take you to get the results you want and deserve. Why?

Competition. Every investor is looking for that great single family home deal. This will limit what you can find AND you will be fighting with other investors to buy these. This applies especially to foreclosure property, Sheriff sale and Bank REO property.

Overall Cash Flow, Risk and Return. Think about this: a) Would you rather have 5% appreciation on a $80,000 single family home, (or $4,000) or 5% on a $300,000 apartment property which would be $15,000. A difference of $12,000!.

Then there is the vacancy issue. Let me ask you this. Would you rather have a single family home vacant with NO INCOME coming in OR one unit vacant in say an 8 plex apartment. Which would give you less of a cash flow drain? Which will give you more cash flow? Commercial real estate, in many ways is less risky than single family homes! Plus, the market here in Iowa is great. I mean, lets face it, when you think of Iowa there is nothing sexy about it. Pretty plain. The good news is that this also insulates you form the big market swings and gives you a sense of confidence in the cash flow and the predictability of that cash flow.

8. I am comfortable investing in stocks or mutual funds or even REIT’s. I know I can get a great return, it is easier to track and I do not have to worry about management. What can you say about that?
If this is your thinking in many ways I can see why. It has been drilled into our heads from all different kinds of “experts” that this is the easy way to make good money over the next 10, 15 or 20 years. That you need to wait this long and play it safer AND in this case - you do not even have to deal with any management. Well, if you want to do what the average person does you will get average results. If you are satisfied with average, quite frankly you should stop reading and put this report in the trash! Remember the nice thing about Heartland Apartments and commercial real estate is:

Management is easy. You can do it or have it hired out for you. You don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle.

Tax advantages. Remember, you can write off interest in depreciation. Its nice to have a $10,000 cash flow – in your pocket and when you are done with your tax return you LEGALLY show a $4,000 loss – meaning less income tax to pay! If you are a high income earner this should be very attractive for you.

Cash Flow and Returns! This will change your life. After you first property and ‘seeing the light’ you will wonder why you did not do this years ago!

This set for life "system" is only for those serious about making significant money in a short period of time. If you're interested in taking the faster, less stressful path to wealth, this is for you. Even if you were looking to pick up one or two good apartment deals or commercial properties a year, this would be well worth it (the cheap cost of having me work with you as your agent and coach is more that ten times the price).

Warning! Are you still skeptical?

Well, I am about everything. As I said before, anytime I hear about some opportunity that could enhance my financial situation, I tend to be well, skeptical. Like you, I've been duped, had, and taken advantage of. In other words, I've been ripped off. So, if you've read this information and think this is too good to be true, that you want to believe this can work for you, BUT think there's some catch to it somewhere, something to hide, something that will surprise and disappoint you - STOP! Let me assure you that's not the case here.

The good news. This system works. It's proven. It has a track record of success and is easy to implement. The enclosed testimonials are proof that you can join these people in unique real estate success. So, if you're still undecided, still skeptical, good. I understand.

The Skeptic Guarantee:

Here's the deal. If you start working with me and for whatever reason find that I am not any good, did not live up to your expectation, wasted your time or for any reason you think I have failed in what I said I would do I will not only terminate your relationship but I will also give you $100 cash for spending the time working with me. That’s correct! If for any reason you are dissatisfied working with me and want to end our relationship I will gladly do it AND give you $100 for your time. No kidding. I am that confident that by working with me it will make a quantum leap in your wealth.

If I were you, I would want this kind of assurance that it works, versus hype.

Ok Darin, I’m ready To Hit The World Of Having You Assist Me In Getting My Ideal Property, What Do I Do?

Here’s how you become a VIP Buyer. Just fill print out the registration form at the end of this letter and fax or send it to my office at #866-212-2838, you can fax 24 hours. My office address is 743 10th St. Marion, IA 52302. Once you receive your registration we will have our first live “one on one” orientation call and you will be on your way to wealth and profits in a niche only few really know about.

I look forward to talking with you and sharing your success story with others. Many of my clients wish they would have had an opportunity like this 10 – 20 years ago…So, don’t let and other minute go by and not take advantage of this wealth building opportunity.

When you look back on the important decisions of your life, those “turning points”, this will surely be one of them.


Darin Garman, CCIM
Apartment and Commercial Investment Property Specialist

P.S.: Look, you are going to invest your hard earned money this year on something – shouldn’t be something that is not only has tax savings, easy to manage, change your lifestyle for the better and build upon your wealth in a fashion few know about. You have all of the tools here, the bridge to cross in to the world of commercial real estate has been extended to you – the decision to cross is up to you.

P.S. #2. If you want to check out what others think about working with me please click on the Testimonials attachment in this same email you received from me.

Print Off This Agreement And Fax To Darin At 866-212-2838.

Darin Garman Apartment and Commercial Property Specialist
VIP Apartment/Commercial Investment Property Representation Agreement

This confirms our agreement that Darin Garman, CCIM will perform certain commercial real estate consulting, coaching and brokerage service on our behalf in Iowa

  1. Effective immediately, we appoint Darin Garman, CCIM our sole Agent and Consultant in the identification, solicitation and purchase negotiations for an apartment or commercial investment property in Iowa.
  2. We agree to pay Darin $997 retainer fee to get started. This fee will be refunded from Darin in full to the client at the closing of the property which client purchases. We agree to inform any interested or relevant parties of this appointment and not do discuss or negotiate without the participation and advice of Darin Garman, CCIM.
  3. Darin Garman, CCIM may negotiate on our behalf but not commit us to any agreement without prior written consent.
  4. The agreement will remain in effect for six months or until either party informs the other in writing that the agreement is terminated. If agreement is terminated, the $997 will be refunded to client immediately.
  5. The parties hereby agree to avail themselves of at least bi-weekly phone meetings to maintain communication and coordination, phone meetings being entirely acceptable.
  6. Upon completion of a transaction, Darin Garman, CCIM will be compensated for his services by the owner, landlord or developer of the project in the manner consistent with Iowa Realty Commercial's standard policy and procedures.
  7. The undersigned hereby agrees to the contents herein and acknowledges receipt of a copy of the agreement.


Client Signature

Darin Garman, CCIM

If you have questions please call 319-350-5378. Payment of retainer fee for Darin may be paid either by check or credit card. Make checks out to Real Estate Marketing Systems. For credit card payment please fill out the following:

Credit Card #


Name as it appears on card

Fax This Form Back to #866-212-2838 Or
Send To: Darin Garman, CCIM 2505 Silver Oak Trail Marion, IA 52302


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