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"How To Be An Owner Of Your Own 72 Unit (Or Larger) Apartment Property Right Now Even If You Do Not Have Much Of A Down Payment, Weak Credit Or Little Apartment Investing Experience"

Please read further as I will go into detail how people just like you from all over the US are becoming owners of large apartment properties and collecting nice cash flows and large property value increases without having ANY EXPERIENCE or investing large sums of money.

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CAUTION!!  This is a program ONLY for serious investors that ARE INTERESTED IN OWNING THEIR VERY OWN APARTMENT PROPERTY IN THE NEXT 90 DAYS and want ACHIEVE THEIR WEALTH GOALS NOW – not 20 years from now. !

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Dear Friend and Fellow Investor:

One of the things I hear from many investors is:   

“I Have Plenty of Investment Capital Available and I Know Using Apartments (As You Say In Your Books Darin) As “The Tool” To My Wealth Goals Is What I Need To Do But I Just Do Not Have The Time Nor Experience To Devote To This”

OR   “I Am Frustrated Because I Don’t Have A Lot Of Money Presently Or Great Credit To Own My Own High Profit Apartment Property So I Am Making Little If Any Progress”  OR

“My Bankers tell me they want A 25% - 35% (or Larger) Down Payment On An Apartment Property So How Can I Buy A Good Property Without Having To Come Up With $100,000 Or More?”    

And lastly,

“I Want The Same Results As An Owner of A High Profit Apartment Property but have NO Interest In Any Kind of Property Management”

Lets Face It,

The Main Reason Many Are NOT Owners Of Nice Apartment or What I Call “9 Month” Properties Is Because They Do Not Have The Necessary Down Payment, Experience,  Credit Nor Time, Right Now Anyway, To Purchase The Property They Want.

This can be very, very frustrating, especially if this is something that you REALLY want to do.  The reason I know this is because I have been there myself.

Before I Go Any Further, Let Me Tell You Who I Typically Work With

Investors with plenty of money for investing in apartments and have investment experience. The majority of my time has been with the people that have the money and are motivated to get a deal done.  These folks are not frustrated and things come much easier for them since they DO have plenty of investment, credit and especially time – many of them full time…

However, at the same time I get an outpouring of phone calls, emails and faxes asking me if I have a program for the investor that does NOT fit the criteria of the typical investor I work with?  Do I have a program that can get someone started that does NOT require them to spend hours and hours of time learning about apartment properties OR spending time inspecting properties themselves, managing properties OR have great credit OR a lot of money in the bank set aside for this? 

I could sense that there were a lot of investors that were motivated and wanted to get their goals accomplished but were frustrated by some of these roadblocks and it really was not their fault

Then A Guy Sends Me A Picture of His Kids…

It was at this time I got a letter from a guy named Charles that wanted me to teach him the ropes, show him how to own apartments profitably.  But, after taking a large hit in the stock market he only had a few thousand dollars at the time and was working about 70 hours a week.   

Charles had taken a big hit in the markets and lost quite a bit of his investment – he had about 30% of what he used to have available to him just a few years later. 

Usually I put this kind of letter aside and MAYBE get to them sometime later, you know, when I have more time.  However, I noticed that he sent me a picture of him, his kids and the rest of his family to show that he wanted to really support them the way they deserved. 

He had the desire but did not have a lot time to devote to owning a profitable apartment property and was obviously a bit short on down payment dollars to work with.  Could I help him?  Here I was - looking at a letter of HELP with pictures of kids, his wife, etc. 

What would you do?

I will tell you what I did.  I contacted him and started working with him on achieving his financial goals using apartments – I had to.  Working with him one on one to take him from frustration to results…

The outcome?

In a matter of just three months he is now an owner of a 16 unit apartment project that is producing a very, very nice cash flow for him month after month with a large increase in value during that time I might add. The good news is he is well on his way to his goals being achieved! 

Here was a guy that knew that apartments were “THE TOOL” to get him the wealth he wanted and deserved but he did not have a lot of down payment money (nor wanted to risk a lot of capital), did not have great credit and frankly did not have the time or experience to do this himself.


Here he was, THREE MONTHS LATER, an owner of a very profitable 16 unit apartment property that required zero management! 

You see what I had done, unknowingly at the time, was create a REAL system where anyone that does not have the time, credit, large cash down payments or experience can get real access into apartment projects that ordinarily required large down payments, great credit and years of experience. 

Do You Want To Own That Apartment Property Now Or Do You Want To Wait 4 or More Years?  In Other Words Do You Want Your “Chips” In The Next 2 – 3 Years or Wait 10 – 15 Years??

That is really what we accomplished here with Charles.  I took away years of saving down payment money, I took away years he would have to spend educating himself, years of looking for that right property as well as we took away the years of experience needed in order avoid making any mistakes too on an investment like this.  Realistically, it would have taken Charles at least 4 years to have enough money, experience and credit to be in the perfect position of FINALLY getting into a great apartment property.  By working with me Privately he started his real estate life 4 years early! 

Not surprisingly, as a result of working with Charles and as a result of the frustration felt by many of you of not being able to get into high cash flowing apartment properties right now (instead of waiting years) the “Private Partner Program” has been put into place for people wanting the results of experienced and savvy investors – but it is only for people that want those results NOW instead of waiting years and years.

Should You Be A Part of This Elite Group?: If you are serious about your ‘investment life’ the criteria for being one of my Private Partners is as follows:

1) Not having (or wanting to commit at this point) $50,000 or more in down payment monies.

2) Not having the credit or ‘enough’ of a credit standing with banks, credit unions and financing companies to get good financing.

3) Not having (or wanting) the experience of a full time apartment property owner or investor.

4) Not having the time right now to devote to becoming an elite apartment owner with courses, educational materials, inspecting and analyzing apartment after apartment.  Having additional hours of time on your hands.

5) Not wanting to be involved in any property management or dealing with tenants.  Not having the experience in property management or dealing with tenants and the various property problems that come up on a daily basis.

6) Not wanting to make those mistakes when investing in an apartment property, even unknowingly, that could cost you thousands of dollars in expensive experience.

If you fit the criteria of the majority of the six items above the Private Partner Program may be for you. .

How The Private Partner Program Works – There Are Three Levels of Membership In The Program – Designed Around How Serious You Want To Be With Your Time and Resources

1.  Bronze Member Status:

As A Partner Bronze Member Here Is What Is In Store:

First - You join a serious group of like minded apartment investors and owners that can not only make themselves money but also make others (you) money—through a mastermind group. I have been involved in business mastermind groups for years and there is no better and faster way to learn and accelerate your experience, wealth and personal well being than through these groups. 

When you join the Private Partner Program you are joining the collective of serious investors just like you that are all committed to the same thing.  Wealth Attraction!  When you get all of “US INVESTORS” working together like this it creates many opportunities for you to add more cash flow and net worth to your personal wealth – just by virtue of being involved with the group

Second - Exclusive Partner Status On All Of My Apartment Property Deals You get to invest with me as my partner on all of my acquisitions over the coming year. The very first person I call to join me on my next apartment property that I find, analyze and qualify as worthy in meeting your investment goals and expectations is you! All other people that are not members will be excluded from these deals.  Members get the first personal call from me on these deals.  I take hundreds of apartment properties through my litmus test each and every month and separate the great opportunities from the average or below average ones.  I make this a mistake free process for my Private Partners.  In other words once I have a property I recommend to my Private Partners to partner with me on as an owner – they KNOW that it is a great project because of my work and experience, track record and knowledge of the market.  No more worrying about finding that perfect apartment property investment – I find it for you as my Private Partner

     As a Bronze member you get to enjoy access to all of the high cash flow fast net worth building apartment projects I plan on investing in and have the option of being my partner in them!  Also, joining a serious group of individuals, like you, that want to get their ‘chips’ now and not wait 20 years to get them..

2.  Silver Member Status:

As a Silver Member you get all of the access and benefits of a Bronze Member but with one important addition – Mastermind Meetings.

Once a month you will take part via conference call with me and the other Silver Private Partner Program members for one hour (or more if needed) to discuss topics related to apartment investing/commercial investment real estate. Everything to solving a problem you may be experiencing to helping you close the next deal or how to analyze a specific property to income taxes, trends, opportunities etc. I will moderate these meetings and we will cover a lot of ground, so, be ready to listen and also be ready to contribute too.  This is where the group interaction is so beneficial.  Getting the input from other just like you as well as having me moderate is huge.  Plus as a Silver Member you will get  Monthly Insider Articles, Info and Points of Interest.

    On a monthly basis you will also be getting information from me that is necessary to keep on the cutting edge of commercial investment real estate. Interviews, articles, property reports, etc. that will only be reserved for my Private Partner Members.

There you go, that is what you get as a Silver Private Partner Member.

Now, A Most Serious Track is Being A Private Partner Gold Member.  Here is what is in store for Gold Members:

Gold Members Will Get All the same benefits as a Silver and Bronze Members   With The Following Important Additions:


FirstOne on One Mentoring and Coaching. If you want to learn the apartment property investment business and make some things happen in your own back yard or elsewhere you will have once a scheduled once per month a 20 minute call with me—At Your Option—to talk about anything you want or go over anything you want to from strategy to whether I think a property you have in mind say in your own back yard is a good deal. The call is up to you and I am ready to coach or mentor you to help you reach your real estate goals.  So, once a month you get a one on one call with me, personally, to go over any wealth building items you want as they relate to your ‘apartment life’.  This could be deals we area working on together, a project you have found in your own back yard or another state, putting a partnership together, etc.  You have my almost 20 years of experience at your disposal.                                                                            

Second - Mastermind Meetings In Person. Twice per year we will get together (at your option) and meet personally and have an all day investment property wealth development day. During this time we will go and tour our properties we own together, tour the market, possible other properties we need to get into meet and discuss important issues, I will share my thoughts, experiences, etc. and I will have material to hand out and share with everyone. Bring your problems, questions, etc. to the meeting and let the mastermind help you. I cannot stress how powerful this is. To be a member that gets to do this. Questions, problems and opportunities solved and taken advantage of on the spot.  Afterwards dinner and Heartland Adventures on me.

Plus, the networking is incredible. We can get together more frequently if the group decides to do so. I will also work on bringing in outside contributors as guests as well.

THAT IS THE GOLD MEMBER.  Gold members are really those that want to profit with me as my partner, want to profit from real estate in their own backyard (or elsewhere) AND want one on one access to me on a monthly basis as well as live interactions with other Gold Members.

Silver Membership is for you if you just want to be my Profitable partner and want to have a once a month conference call and some interaction with the other like minded Silver Members.  There is no one on one or live group meetings or networking option for Silver Members.

Bronze Membership is for those that simply exclusive partner status to my best most profitable projects with no time or really interest in group calls, individual calls, coaching, individual meetings, etc.  You just want “IN” on those fast wealth building projects. 

   The good news is that there is no wrong choice here. 

I am not sure if anything else like this Private Partner Program exists quite frankly.  Being able to leap into this kind of situation I think can mean a lot to many people.

Talk about a REAL SHORTCUT to owning your own profitable apartment property in the next 90 days!  It is as simple as becoming one of our members!  

OK Darin - I Am “In” And Want To Be A Private Partner Member…. What Is The Cost? When Does It Start?

The investment in the Private Partner Program is:

$497.00 per month for Gold Members

$299.00 per month for Silver Members

$99.00 per month for Bronze Members

AND you can opt out of the program at any time!  Did you just read that?  I will let you opt out of the program whenever you want!!.  Yep, for only $99 - $497 per month (that is less than a car payment anymore) you can literally fast forward your progress as an owner and investor in some great apartment properties either with me as my partner or in your own back yard – or

BOTH!  Again – this IS the perfect situation for those that are short on time, money, risk, credit, or any combination of these. 

One Catch!  I am only allowing 20 investors in this one of a kind program at any given time.  Only 20!  I am sorry, I only have time for 20 investors! 


     If you think this is too much money for this than this is simply out of your league then please do not join. On average my partners make multiples of this monthly investment on every deal that they are involved in with me so really its cheap compared to the benefits.

I just got done purchasing, with partners a $2,688,000 property that appraised for $3,120,000—and this is on one deal. To be able to participate with me in this kind of property is huge PLUS you get all of the knowledge of finding, analyzing and the “how to’s” of profitable transactions like this too. And this is just one. To think of the others that we will have as well as what other members will have makes this really cheap if you stop and think about it.

The Private Partner Program is not for everyone.  Really, it is for people that want to ramp up quickly and want results right away.  This is NOT a program for people that want to grow their wealth slowly. 

Once you do enroll I will be sending you a custom made business plan to complete. We will go over this business plan on our first call and this will be the stepping stone into a great year. You will get schedules, call times, days, meeting places, etc. around that first call. Remember, you need to be able to devote some time to this, it is only as good as you make it. Once you are in the details will be forthcoming.

All Right Darin, I Am In. What Now!

Fill out the attached enrollment form and send it to me . Upon receiving this I will collect a $100 non refundable deposit that will be credited to your total enrollment fee or first months payment to me.   This will keep the tire kickers out of the program.  No room for them.

Last Comment

All BS aside - I have made people millions of dollars as apartment property owners. The smart person will tap into this 20+ years plus of hands on experience and knowledge and not only that will be able to tap into the knowledge bank of those other members. We will be a very powerful force that will have huge success in the apartment investment arena. If you are truly serious about not just working on your wealth but getting your chips NOW vs LATER, now is the time to step up to the plate.


Darin Garman, CCIM America’s
Apartment and Investment Property Specialist

PS—Remember, the investment here is $99 for Bronze, $299 Silver and $497 for Gold per month and you can opt out at any time, no strings.  Why would I do this?  Because I know that the majority of our Private Partners will make a lot of money by being my partner in these transactions and they will be partners for life.  If what I say does NOT come to fruition than you are free to move on!  How about that!

PS #2.  Also, I am responding to all of those investors who have been asking me about such a program.  I am in hopes that if you do enroll that you are one of those investors that is serious about your climb to the top of the wealth pyramid.  I look forward to helping you get there.

PS #3.  Remember, I can only work with 20 people.  If you are left out please do not be sore, I may have a similar program later next year.

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