Stop Investing The Hard Way! Here’s How To Create A Booming Real Estate Business...

“How To Build Your Own Apartment Or Commercial Property Empire, Create Large Predictable Automatic
Monthly Cash Flows AND Legally Beat The Tax Laws”

Now, you can instantly be set up in one of the world's most hugely profitable and exciting apartment investment businesses.

Here is the incredible combination of a powerful "templated" and proven apartment and commercial property investment business that will produce huge and predictable profits and is ready to be handed to you on easy to follow silver platter.

Certain qualifications must be met.


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From Darin Garman, CCIM

Tuesday, 7:03AM
Dear Friend:

There is nothing more exciting than having a hugely profitable and predictable apartment property investment system in place.

Picture this...You can wake up in the morning at your leisure, take an assessment of all of the profits and cash flow from your apartment properties, your business is running like a well-oiled machine. Later in the day, you stroll into the office and on your desk is a pile of checks or money orders all from tenants paying you large rent checks right on time.

You literally have an automatic self-operating moneymaking apartment investment business working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while you put in less than 10-20 hours a week yourself AND have a life.
That's the life that I and some of my best clients live. That's the life you can live and it's never been easier for you to leap into this wonderful situation instantly.

I'm writing to you about the most extraordinary cash flow-generating situation I've ever confronted in my entire career. What I am going to describe to you, in great detail is how you can get my entire 15 years of experience working with and selling over $300,000,000 in apartment property sales with some of the most sought after investors and owners in the country!

Also, you will get my own experience of owning an interest in $11,000,000+ worth of investment real estate—all in an easy to follow guide or template for you to do the exact same.

Believe it or not, I am up in the middle of the night so excited I can't sleep, working on the information for this web site. In fact, I'm actually in a race to get this finished and on line before it's too late. (I'll tell you why later on so stick with me.)

So, whatever you do; wherever you are now in your “investment world” in financial terms, do not set this letter aside without reading every single word because if you've ever dreamt of having cash flow and great rates of return coming to you every day through an apartment property business, without being involved with the typical management hassles, without wondering if you are going to get paid any rent, without much time invested, without a whole bunch of employees, without waiting, then here's the breakthrough you've been waiting for.

If you already have a successful apartment investment business, this could easily double, triple, quadruple, or quintuple your cash flow and rate of return income. A never before available "Apartment Investment Business in a Box" based on one of America's proven apartment property moneymaking experts can now be put to work filling your bank account day in and day out if you qualify and if you act decisively, immediately.

For 11+ years, I have stubbornly refused to put my entire apartment investment business system into circulation
so others could plug my entire proven business and system into action in their markets.

Here's why: I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars creating this business and system and I don't want to just give it all away. Finally, that has changed - at least temporarily. Thanks to tremendous persistence from many of my clients and investors, I have created a complete apartment investment business program and authorize a very limited number of qualified individuals to have my exact system.

This is the exact same business system that I use every day!

In the past you may have been either a client of mine, or, maybe you are on my mailing list and have been in the world of “thinking about getting into the apartment business”. So, you may or may not have some of the basics down. But, in this situation you are confronted with today is completely different as you will see.

Here, through this opportunity, you are getting an actual template for running a successful apartment investment business, from top to bottom. So because of the strong demand for this, and after working on this for a couple of years, I have decided to give it the "green light" but, on a trial basis only.

There is no where else where you would be able to find this kind of real world wealth building material from someone that is actually doing this in his own business on a day to day basis, willing to lay it all out for you in 1, 2, 3 step format.

For a limited time I have put “the keys” of the apartment wealth building and investment business (from how to really spot and take advantage of great apartment deals in the first place, to how to increase their value as quickly as possible, to the secrets of selling for as high of a price as possible).

These are the exact same tools that I and my clients use to generate wealth as quickly and safely as possible.

On top of all that, you're getting a mountain of apartment investing and ownership start up, and operational assistance.

The10 Reasons Why This Apartment Property
Ownership Business Model Is So Much Better
Than Any Other On The Planet:

First let me say, what a way to get into (or expand) an apartment property owner or investors business. I dare you to find a better, easier way to make an additional $100,000, $150,000, $300,000, or more per year from apartments.

You see I've owned a "normal" apartment property investment business and earned decent money. But, getting it "systematized" and templated took me from working my butt off with no end in sight to easily, automatically earning a steady, giant income while enjoying my life. You're about to discover the perfect lifestyle business and investment.

Think about all of this:

1. No product or business to create; a proven hot apartment property business handed to you to "clone".

2. No advertising, brochures, or marketing to get written or created. My powerful tested proven system is for your use.

3. No delays in getting started. This is an instant "complete" apartment investment business.

4. No restrictions. You can use my complete system in any market for yourself or friends, relatives, partners, etc.

5. No marketing or business skills required.

6. No experience required. You can be an apartment real estate veteran or just beginning in the business.

7. No gimmicks. This is not some kind of a fly-by-night scheme. This is real, proven, currently super successful business that is being used by a person (me) just like you, day in and day out. And a proven arsenal of tools with a solid A-Z business plan.

8. No wasted effort or wasted money. No wondering when or where the next deal is coming from. It's autopilot.

9. No prospecting or closing techniques required or needed.

10. No time-consuming education required, no extra study or “licensing” to get.

What does this mean to you?

It might mean being instantly set up in a wealth generating apartment business with a tremendous track record and identity. With proven hot, easy to implement apartment property business tools, even a complete special apartment investment business plan to use as your own. It might be the business, investment, or moneymaking breakthrough you've been looking for. If you're already a successful apartment owner or investor, then adding this can multiply your profits overnight.

Apartments will always be in demand - no matter the economy, either from hungry investors, or bargain hunters, from selling for top dollar to getting out of a bad property. Someone is always in the apartment business. If you're eager to get started in an existing apartment property business, with this kind of a shortcut, it might be the wealth-generating breakthrough you've been looking for.

Here are a few reasons why this could be the best opportunity you've been offered in a long time:

1. The system is proven and works.
It's not theory here. This system is what drives my clients and my apartment wealth every single day. This system with all of its tools for creating opportunity is in use - profitable use.

2. It's all done for you.
You don't have to monkey around and waste time trying to figure out what to do to generate more wealth. It's there with step-by-step instructions that work. It's like an instruction book or owner's manual to wealth building through apartments all done and ready to implement.

3. Take it out of the box and follow the directions.
I will show you exactly what to do and how to do it. No creative thinking or time is required.

4. Proven “easy to use format” that you can use over and over again.
There is a reason why my system generates huge successes for my clients - it's the easy to followy format. The format is very easy to follow and not too techinical. Hey, if my 12 year old can figure this out, so can you.

5. Lifestyle Enhancement.
My system is designed to maximize your lifestyle. What I do not want to do is create another “job” for you. That is the nice thing about this system, it can give you what you really want by way of just “smart investing” to having another full blown profitbable business.

6. No previous experience needed.
When you have my apartment system going full throttle, your need for any kind of previous experience will disappear. Of course, if you are already experienced you will admittedly move forward a little faster, but, it is definitely now a prerequisite to success.

I want you to think about this: If you start an apartment business from scratch or just investing in apartments, without a proven system in place, you must INVEST HEAVILY in time and money just to get out of the blocks.

That could take years and cost a fortune. You spend more, waste more time, and start with huge disadvantages. Now, you can "shortcut" all of that and have an instant business solidly based on a predicable system for accelerating your wealth.
There's more.

For many people reading this letter, there is no convincing needed. In fact, almost every day, I get calls from customers, clients and other investors asking if they can use my personal system. So, without a doubt, the limited number of systems I will issue will be snapped up in no time flat.

Yet, on the other hand, an unprecedented opportunity lies in front of you, because so few people in the United States and Canada have a clue as to what this system is and how it works. Many of you will be in virgin territory for my system and tools. This system has a identifiable track record, leaving the marketplace eager to respond to this kind of information.

Now, I'm going to be able to give you an easy to follow system.

All I can say is: What an opportunity!

So, get this, you will be able to duplicate or clone my entire successful apartment business. You start from day one with my system. Every tool that you could ever want.

The key words to remember are:
Wealth, Flexibility, Simplicity, Control, and Lifestyle.

Once you own this business, you are totally in control. You can focus on my system and information in your spare time or hit it as hard as you can full time. Maybe you and your business partner team up and do this as a team.

You set your limits, you define your profit margins, and you decide how hard you are going to work at this. You use whatever tools provided; a few, or all if you like. It would be impossible for this to be any simpler. You don't need a thimbleful of creativity, a Harvard MBA, or an Einstein IQ for this to work beautifully. Everything is given to you. Given to you on a platter - really, with instruction.

This is the perfect lifestyle business. I literally make money when I'm not working. I have not talked about this side of it much; so let me tell it to you straight. This system will allow you to have that enviable "personal" life. You see, just over the last three years or so, I've taken the time to train for and run two marathons, five half marathons, and dozens of other runs. I coach my daughter's soccer and softball teams, I teach Sunday school and I don't work evenings or weekends.




Here's a photo of me running the Chicago Marathon.






Now listen carefully, I went from a prison guard who worked under the most dire of people and environments and not having a life, to routinely making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and having a life. I had no background in sales, marketing, or real estate, especially commercial real estate.

I did go through a learning curve to be where I am - there's no question about that. However, a learning curve that we can eliminate for you. You just step in earn cash flow and great rates of return.

What a great way to be an apartment investment
expert without taking the time to become
an apartment investment expert.

For one small fee, you get a ready-to-go business, a complete business plan for making as much money, cash flow and return with instructions on how to become an apartment “go to guy” in a fraction of the time. Absolutely everything is in place. Let me emphasize again, you own an expert with a proven track record and template, a total system and model that can be yours.

Before it's too late. Let me get into the nitty gritty. Let me tell you exactly what is included in my Apartment Investors School In A Box and then I'll tell you how you can obtain it.

Here's what is included in the
Commercial Investment Profits Toolkit:

1. The Full Apartment Investor School Manual And CD’s.
Depending on how serious you want to be with your apartment property investments this will tell you what you need to do really every single day of the year. Wake up and follow the instruction and accelerate your wealth using apartments - it's really that easy.

All marketing and business generating campaigns and strategies are mapped out for you - in advance - to help in planning, to maximize profits and to minimize any creativity whatsoever.

It's all here and its all on CD. So, if you are busy, you can take the CD’s and get things moving while commuting to and from work or the office. Or, put them in the walkman while doing work or chores. When you start following this template you are well on your way... Quickly.

2. My Apartment Investment School Tools CD.
As you know, the apartment investment business is as largely mental as it is about analysis, deal making, etc. Now, I will give you all of the real world tools that you can use every single day.

Included on this powerful CD are: Apartment Application Forms, Apartment Analysis Forms, Apartment Property Letters That You Send To Prospective Tenants to Lease Your Apartments, Apartment Investment Business Plan, Apartment Property Offer And Acceptance Forms To Use, etc. I could go on but rest assured all of the “paperwork” items are included.

And here is the best part. They are as easy to use as brushing your teeth. Just plug in the CD and fill in the blanks, it is that easy. Its literally done for you.

3. Apartment Investment School Business Plan.
One of the most valuable tools that is in the entire system is this business plan. Its not bulky, not fancy but it is extremely powerful. By taking just one hour and going through this business plan you will be on literal fast forward in getting this off of the ground.

It's all about focusing on the most profitable parts of owning apartment buildings. Once you have completed he business plan you will have an easy to follow map in front of you, almost like pirates to treasure, taking you fast to highly profitable apartment investor accomplishment.

4. Fast Start CD.
This CD will get you launched very quickly. You will have a lot of information to go through. Once you receive everything it can be a bit overwhelming, almost like drinking from a firehose.

My fast start CD will tell you exactly where to go, what to do, today, and how much time to spend on this. By combining the Fast Start CD and the Business Plan, you will quickly be an apartment investment pro in a fraction of the time it would take anyone else AND without any expensive bad experiences.

5. My Personal Guidance For 3 Months.
You get me for 3 months or 90 days after you purchase the apartment investment system. We can talk one on one about specific properties or problems or your business plan, directions you should take, etc.

You get access to me and this is for 90 days. I have clients with the same kind of access to me and I charge just shy of $500 per hour but you get me FREE for 90 days.

6. 24 Hour Email Access To Me With Your Questions, Problems.
Once you send the enclosed registration in, you will receive a private 24 hour email “hotline” to me. You can have access to me 24/7 with your apartment related success stories, problems, questions. All available at the convenience of email. Your private email address will be assigned to you.

7. Property Evaluation Worksheets To Send To Me For My Expert Opinion.
How would you like to have EXPERT OPINION on whether or not an apartment property would be worth pursuing?

Lets say you find an apartment property that you think is a real winner. You have followed all of my instruction and have followed the template for finding a profitable apartment property. What should you do? Send me one of the property evaluation forms. I will take a look at the information and get back to you with my comment.

This is a great tool not only to make sure you are purchasing a winner, but, to make sure you are thinking of everything that you need to consider before jumping in. I may spot something that you forgot about that could make the apartment property even more valuable! OR I may spot something that tells me you should avoid the property. Either way, you get expert feedback on your properties AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

 This also goes for properties you want to sell or manage. I can do the same thing for you here too! Just recently I took a look at a clients property and found $27,000 worth of untapped value in his property!

8. Commercial Investment Property Bonus!
One of the big surprises that you will find with this system is the commercial investment property bonus package. A separate manual and two full CD’s go into great detail on how I take the apartment property business models and simply plug them into commercial property.

For example, I took this same model and purchased over $4,200,000 worth of commercial property this last year and it is returning a minimum of 15% on my and the other investors monies. In this surprise bonus I go into detail on office buildings, shopping centers, single tenant commercial properties, etc. Once again, a nice template to follow to further diversify your commercial property investing...and I am including this surprise bonus, FREE.

I will also include a copy for you to use and just fill in the blanks, of my commercial property lease form. Its all done for you and ready for your word processor. I have decided to make this very easy for you and include it with the bonus saving you literally thousands in attorney fees.

9. How To Have Apartment And Commercial Property Investing Done For You CD.
If you are the kind of person that has more responsibilities than time or you do not want to take the time to “learn” all of the templated strategies then this will arguably be the best part of the entire system.

I have many clients that are very busy people, either professionally, with their own businesses, or with other commitments they feel are very important to them. This CD will guide you to what many other busy people have done, investing and profiting from apartments and commercial investment property while spending little or no time doing it.

For example. I just got done working with three clients that had it done for them. Result? They purchased a nice commercial property that is returning over 12% on their money AND they also get the benefits of appreciation, tax savings and equity ON TOP OF THIS RETURN. How much time did they have involved? Maybe 30 minutes. If this sound appealing to you this CD will be well worth the price you pay for the entire system.

Bottom line is you get the template to use all of my materials for yourself. It's literally handed to you. Everything is there for you to use for our first purchase or your current properties. All in easy to read and implement templated form.


Why Do These Tools Work So Well, So Predictably?

This is the perfect "copy cat" of my (and clients) successful apartment and commercial property investment business.

But here's the real secret: My clients and I have made our money using these systems to be wealthy. They have a burning desire to better their cash flow and wealth and apartments are their logical choice. This is why my tools work so well. This system has already done half the work.

You see, when you just start implementing just some of my recommendations, you are already half the way there.

Think about this for a second and how true this is, by taking the phenomenal success of my best customers and using it in your marketplace like I do, you're already 75% of the way there and you really haven't done anything yet.

You Will Literally Have an Unfair Advantage.

If you put this principle to work for you, there's no reason in the world you cannot share the same success.

The opportunity is huge.

Think of what most apartment owners and investors go through. I am sure you have heard the horror stories. Bad tenants, bad properties, tons of headaches, etc. By doing this the smart and admittedly lazy way, you can investors trying to take advantage of them. Your message or irresistible business will get through; instant recognition and respect for you.

With this system it will be very easy convincing others to do business with you vs. the competition. It's really the lazy way to do business. As long as it is successful, I like it the lazy way and so will you. I know, because I'm living proof. This license is only being offered for a limited time to a limited number of qualified individuals.

Now, let me tell you why I'm up in the middle of the night in such a hurry to get this website up and going...

This is a for real, imited time opportunity. Yeah I know, you are thinking, "sure it is Garman, you just want my money right now". Let me tell it to you straight. I'd love for you to get my system and for us to be working together so you too can get some great investment properties.

But, I only have so much time to spend with success minded people with the desire and ambition to step forward. So, if you decide to pass, no problem on my end. It's your decision. I want to work with only serious people anyway...

If you are serious enough to implement my systems then I am serious enough about your satisfaction.

Here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free
Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

You see I will let you "test drive" my system
for six full months!  

That's correct, even after six months if you think that my system will not benefit you, you have not gotten anything out of the materials, our emails, our phone conversations, my business plan, etc. You can return the entire system for a full no questions asked refund.

WHY? I want to make sure you are going to proactively become and remain one of the financial investment elite by using an investment vehicle few talk about, apartment and commercial property investing and ownership.


So, think of the huge shortcut and really unfair advantage you'd have in your marketplace versus doing things the way every other investor does them. (Once you are issued the system, it is permanent and you have it for life. Remember, you are not required to make any additional purchases; not required to use my vendors, you have a permanent apartment and commercial property business template.)

You will probably be amazed at how little it costs to get started.

Consider all of the normal costs of launching a successful apartment investment system or business. For example, did you know the average franchise fee for even the smaller “mom and pop” businesses is a tick over $25,000? But to start this apartment and commercial property investment system on your own, you could spend at least half that getting going and it will take years just to make that $25,000 dollars back.

For far, far less money and time it will take to get going, I can have you instantly into this apartment business, plus you'd get all of the advantages you'd never have on your own, not the least of which is a clone of my exact and my successful clients business, arguably with as much money as you will make in cash flow and return and equity... and with the shortcut in time in getting you there, it should arguably cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Instead, it's less, a lot less.

You see, this is like a franchise, but it costs a lot less. At first, I felt justified at charging $10,000 or even $15,000 for this and I know a handful of investors would immediately understand the value of this and gladly pay it.


Because the payback would be short. I mean, in less than one to two years even at these amounts, the cost of the system would easily pay for itself.

Even if it took you two to three years to pay it back, how many businesses have a two to a three-year payback on the original investment? None that I can think of. As I said though, I will be charging a lot less. As an investor that is on my “A” list, I am giving you first shot at this.

The cost of obtaining my Apartment Investors School System is only $997.00. The amount of cash flow and apartment property profits you will get as a result of my system will pay for this at least 100 X and this is admittedly cheap. Its FREE really.

The reason I wanted to price it at this level was to make sure there were no excuses for this being a no brainer. An easy decision. I should really have the price well over $5,000, but, I wanted to make sure everyone had a shot at this, no matter where you are in your “investment life.”

Please think this through carefully. For a nominal fee of only $997, you get a complete and proven apartment property business and template, a complete arsenal for earning large cash flows, returns, tax savings and capital gains tax avoidance.

A business that earns me and my clients over hundreds of thousands of dollars per year working less than 20 hours per week - (and most of this property is in Iowa of all places—you may be able to do better where you are at).

You even get my full six month satisfaction guarantee. When you acquire my apartment business system, you will have a full six months to inspect everything provided to you. Review the business plan, instructions, cash flow forms and formulas, and evaluate all your tools and opportunities.

Anytime during this six months, you may opt to cancel and return everything for a full refund. This is a simple, straightforward guarantee backed by my 100% refund by request.

If you're interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity, please click on the link at the end of this letter and fill out my 100% Secure Enrollment Form right away.

Once you purchase one of my systems we will be working together to insure your success. Not only are you getting a great apartment investment business “template” but you are getting me training you profitably in this business!

Let's summarize. Here's what's included:

The Full Apartment Investor School 200 Page Manual And 8 CD’s.
My Apartment Investment School Tools CD.
Apartment Investment School Business Plan.
Fast Start CD.

My Personal Guidance For 3 Months.

24 Hour Email Access To Me With Your Questions, Problems
Property Evaluation “Pick Garman’s Brain” Worksheets To Send To Me For My Expert Opinion.
Commercial Investment Property Bonus Showing You How To Become The Commercial Investment Property GURU!

Plus I will also include at NO ADDITIONAL COST:

My Immediate Profit Centers for Apartment Owners Action Guide AND CD of How To Raise The Value Of Your Apartment Or Commercial Property A Minimum of $10,000 in 24 Hours.

I usually charge $299 for this guide to apartment property profits by using unconventional ways of increasing cash flow This information will be huge to get you jumpstarted.

I have routinely helped customers and clients with jumping their apartment and commercial property values a minimum of $10,000 in 24 hours by using these easy to implement strategies. You get the same information that they get.

If you agree and think this is one of the best opportunities to come around in a long time and want to be one of the few investors/entrepreneurs who will profit from this unprecedented association, here's what you will need to do next:

Complete the 100% Secure Application Form right away.

Now in closing I'd like to say this: Knowing what I know now, if I had this kind of chance and wanted to invest and grow my wealth at an accelerated rate and earn the money and prestige that went along with it as well as having a personal life, I would not hesitate a nanosecond. I'd be racing to fill out the paperwork and secure one of these systems
- Racing.

Click here now to Get Started Today...


Darin Garman, CCIM
Apartment and Commercial Property Specialist

P.S. As a friendly reminder I can only have this system available for so long at this price.

Don't waste time; good opportunities like this only come along once in awhile. If you're sincerely interested and serious about building your wealth and serious about implementing a very successful apartment property investment system, then register right away.

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"From Zero To Over $1,400,000 in Apartment Unit Ownership In Three Years"

"I can honestly say there is not anyone that has had more of a a dramatic boost to my net worth than Darin Garman."

Brad Miller, Real Estate Investor

"The ONLY Apartment and Investment Real Estate Go To Guy We Recommend"

"We called Darin about purchasing an apartment property in the Heartland.  He took the time to go over all the details of the purchasing process AND the mistakes to avoid.  He even helped us a great deal getting us the best financing.  He continues to be our "go to guy" for investment real estate."

Jerry and Vicki Van Duesen, Real Estate Investors

"Darin Has An Excellent Grasp of Apartment and Commercial Real Estate"

"Darin is an energetic, very knowledgeable broker and consultant.  He has an excellent grasp of apartment and commercial real estate from the seller's perspective, the buyer's perspective, and the business perspective.  Darin has a natural feel for the rental real estate market...Darin is a good businessman to know and work with."

Dr. John Goedkin, DVM, Real Estate Investor

"I Have a New Life Thanks To Darin"

"I can't begin to tell you what Darin did for me personally to get my real estate investments in order.  I have a new life thanks to Darin..."

Rose Ann Pospisil, Real Estate Investor

"Darin Is Truly The Best In The Business"

"By working with Darin Garman we have found out that he is truly the best in the Business!!  No one else comes close with our returns and cash flow..."

Casey and Suzy Johannes, Real Estate Investors

Don't wait for this opportunity to pass you by!

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