Only Those Serious Need Apply

"Would You Like To Have Your Very Own 48 Unit Property (Or Larger!) Sometime In The Next 88 Days??"

This is a program ONLY for ‘the serious’ wanting to ramp up their
commercial property wealth and experience—quickly!  My top clients and partners LOVE this program and now I am opening it up…For Just a Handful Of People

“My 108 unit purchase appreciated over $911,300 in the last 18 months!  Thanks Darin Garman!”
William Donahue—New York—Private Client


6:27 p.m.

Hi There -

     You are reading this information as a result of having interest in my Private Client Group Program. As a result what you will find here is not a lot of pitch, background information about me nor will you find me trying to talk you into anything. I am going to get straight to the point with my Private Client Group Program information so you can make a decision on whether you want to be a part of this elite group of commercial real estate owners and investors.

First Off – This is Definitely Not For Everyone. The Private Client Group is limited to those with a minimum of $50,000 or more, in regular or ‘IRA Money’ that want this investment to not just do ‘OK’ but grow this investment in quantum leaps in the next 12 – 18 months and be invested in their first apartment project, with me, in as little as 88 days. But I must warn you, there is also an application process that is reviewed by me personally that you will need to pass as well.

As a result, the Private Client Group has one goal. To grow your wealth more in the next 9 months than it takes most people 9 YEARS.

So, Why I Am Doing This?: There are three reasons for my decision to have my limited number Private Clients:

1) Requests from Investors For A More Elite and Serious Track Commercial Real Estate Investment Success here in the Heartland. SEEKING HIGH YIELDS WITH LOW RISK.
2) The Amount of Time That You AND I Have Available
3) The Desire to Form a Serious Investment and Mastermind Group That We Can Leverage To Make Us All More Profitable And Wealthy—Quicker and Without Reinvention

Let me briefly explain each of these points….

Requests from Investors For A More Elite and Serious Track to
Commercial Real Estate Investment Success

     For quite some time, I have had clients and even people that I did not know request me to mentor, consult or coach them on an individual basis. Also, as part of this I have had the same or other people request a more serious track for more sophisticated and affluent investors that have money that they want to invest in HIGHER YIELD AND SAFER commercial real estate winners but want nothing to do with any kind of real estate hassles like brokers, owners, property management, escrow companies, title companies, etc.

     Most of these investors want to join me in my next property investment as my partner and want “first access” to this – getting the kinds of results of a 20 Year professional apartment owner and investor. Bottom line is top investors are requesting “first access” to me, my property purchases and my years of experience. The Private Client Group Program will solve this issue for those few.

The Amount of Time I Have
(and you have) To Spend With
Serious Real Estate Investors

If you know much about me you know that I am a serious time freak. The management of my time is crucial to me and I treat it very seriously. Bottom line is that there is only so much time available every day and this time needs to be spent with those most serious about growing their commercial real estate wealth. On the other hand my Private Clients feel the exact same way about the importance of their time. The Private Client Group solves the time issue for both my Private Clients and me.

My Private Clients can own an 48 unit property (or larger) with me in the next 90 days and not have to change one thing about how they spend their business or personal time. It’s about increasing wealth and success through commercial real estate – without the traditional paradigms. We throw those away.

     It is also a way to eliminate people that are just ‘tire kickers’, ‘think about its’ and ‘maybe some days.’ The Private Client Group Program is a group of investors dedicated to commercial real estate success and wealth and not just giving lip service to it. As a reminder the time thing works both ways too. This is a great way for Private Client Group Program members to leverage their time too and really it is the ultimate shortcut to commercial real estate success vs. the time to “conventionally” come away a success at this.

The Desire to Form a Serious Investment Group and Mastermind Group
That We Can Leverage To Make Us All More Profitable And Wealthy—
Quicker and Without Reinvention

     I have been involved in business mastermind groups for years and there is no better and faster way to learn and accelerate your experience, wealth and personal well being than through these groups. As a member of my Private Client Group not only will you get access to properties that will take your wealth further, I will also give you access to others, just like you, that can assist you in taking your business and life to BETTER places as well.

As A Member of Darin Garman’s Private Client Group Program here is what you get:

  • Exclusive Partner Status On All Of My Higher Yield Lower Risk Apartment And Commercial Property Deals. You get to invest with me as my partner on all of my acquisitions over the coming year. The very first person I call to join me on my next investment is you! All other people that are not members will be excluded from these deals. Members get the first personal call from me on these deals. By they way, these are the best deals too that I am personally buying into! You get first shot!

  • Mentoring and Coaching. If you want to learn the commercial real estate business and make some things happen in your own back yard or elsewhere you will have once a month a 30 minute call with me—At Your Option—to talk about anything you want or go over anything you want to from strategy to whether I think a property you have in mind is a good deal. The call is up to you and I am ready to coach, consult or mentor you to help you reach your real estate goals.

  • Mastermind Meetings. Once a month you will take part via conference call with me and the other Private Client Group Program members for one hour (or more if needed) to discuss topics related to commercial investment real estate. Everything to solving a problem you may be experiencing to helping you close the next deal or how to analyze a specific property to investing your IRA to income taxes, etc. I will moderate these meetings and we will cover a lot of ground, so, be ready to listen and also be ready to contribute too.

  • Property Discovery Days. Twice per year we will get together and meet personally and have an all day investment Property Discovery Day here in the Heartland. During this time we will take a tour the properties that you may already own with me – see how they are doing and hit some inspections. We will also tour upcoming opportunities that I have saved for my Private Clients. Afterwards we will meet and discuss important issues, the properties that we looked at, strategy, etc. We will DO SOME BUSINESS. Afterwards it’s a night on the town ON ME where I treat you to the kind of fun and hospitality that you can only get in the Heartland! I cannot stress how powerful this is. To be a member that gets to do this.

Plus, the networking is incredible. We can get together more frequently if the group decides to do so. I will also work on bringing in outside contributors as guests as well.

  • Monthly Insider Articles, Info and Points of Interest. On a monthly basis you will also be getting information from me that is necessary to keep on the cutting edge of commercial investment real estate. Interviews, articles, property reports, etc. that will only be reserved for my PCG Members. You will be a PRO at this and not even have to lift a finger…

“I just got back form a three-week vacation financed by some of the proceeds. Thanks Darin Garman!”
...Rondy Roy


• 12 Months Membership Into The Commercial Investment Property Owners Association.
A $472 Value.

• Access To My Rolodex of Real Estate And Business Venture Partners.

I Am In Darin And Want To Be A Private Client. What Is The Investment? When Does It Start?

     Your investment in the Private Client Group Program is $3,700 Per Year. You can either pay this in three installments of $1,233.33 each or if you pay all up front I will cut you a bookkeeping discount.


     If you think this is too much money for this than this is simply out of your league then please do not join. On average my clients make multiples of this enrollment fee on every deal that they are involved in with me so really, the fee is FREE compared to the benefits. For example I just got done purchasing, with partners a $2,688,000 property that appraised for $3,120,000—and this is on one deal. To be able to participate with me in this kind of property – MULTIPLE TIMES - is huge PLUS you get all of the knowledge of finding, analyzing and the “how to’s” of profitable transactions like this too. And this is just one. To think of the others that we will have as well as what other members will have makes this really cheap if you stop and think about it.

     The Private Client Group Program is not for everyone. Really, it is for people that want to ramp up quickly and want results right away. This is NOT a program for people that want to grow their wealth through commercial investment real estate slowly.

     Once you do enroll I will be sending you a custom made PRIVATE CLIENT Business Plan prior to this call to complete. We will go over this business plan on the call and this will be the stepping stone into a great year. You will get schedules, call times, days, meeting places, etc. around that first call. Remember, you need to be serious about your time and your money, it is only as good as you make it. Once you are in the details will be forthcoming.

Caution #2

     Right now I only have room for a handful of Private Clients, maybe 2 - 3 and that is it. If you get your enrollment fee into me too late I will put you on the list to be contacted for next year or if a Private Client member does drop out. If you ARE serious, procrastinating here is not a good idea. This is NOT any kind of sales pitch – it is fact…

From Zero To Over $1,400,000 in Apartment Unit Ownership In Three Years

 “I can honestly say there is not anyone that has had more of a dramatic boost to my net worth than Darin Garman and Heartland of America Real Estate.”

--Brad Miller, Iowa

All Right Darin, I Am In. What Now!

Fill out the form below and send it to me. Upon receiving this I will make arrangements for us to have a phone meeting to go over expectations and make sure we are on the same page. Once done and we are both on the same page – we move forward with YOU in the program.

Last Comment

     All BS aside - I have made people millions of dollars in commercial investment real estate. The smart person will tap into these almost 20 years of hands on experience and knowledge and not only that will be able to tap into the knowledge bank of those other members. We will be a very powerful force that will have huge success in the commercial investment real estate arena. If you are truly serious, now is the time to step up to the plate. Only a few will.


Darin Garman, CCIM

PS—If you do have questions you can call me at #1-866-212-2838. Please refer to the Private Partnership Program when you call. Thank you.

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