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Darin Garman, CCIM

North America’s “Go To Guy”
For Active and Passive Apartment and Commercial Real Estate Investors

“My 108 unit purchase appreciated over $911,300 in the last 18 months!  Thanks Darin Garman!”

William Donahue—New York—Private Client

Dear Fellow Investor:

First, I want to thank you for your interest in investing in Darin Garman AND Heartland of America Apartments and/or Commercial Real Estate.  Like my other successful clients and partners you are on your way to great investment real estate returns.  Many of them call me the “Warren Buffett” of Apartments and Commercial Real Estate Investing.  The profits you will achieve from well located and purchase d commercial real estate will make your other investments look silly over time.  Most investors use ME to get these great returns and benefits from commercial investment real estate without ever having to do ANY management work whatsoever....heck, I even take care of their tax returns...

And There Lies The Rub..

Because I personally oversee these investments including the purchasing, day to day managing and the eventual sale of the properties I can only work with so many people. I do not have 100 employees sitting at a phone bank to deal with my clients, I do this myself and that is the way I want it. Remember, in most of these properties I own them as well. So, as you can imagine, this presents a problem in terms of spending the amount of time that is justified to get you into your next great commercial real estate investment. IE—I only have so much time and I devote that time to only the most serious of investors.


So, with that said, if you want to work with me then here is some important information for taking the next step:

1.      You Have An Interest In Investing In An Apartment/Commercial Property Individually That You Have Seen Advertised Either On My Web Site, Loopnet, My Newsletter OR My Emails Or Conference Calls And Want Information On That Property. 

If this is the case then the next thing you should do is get in touch with my business partner, Jason Rogers to assist you in going through the numbers and other information on that property. His phone number is #319-361-3958 and his email address is jrogers@jasonjrogers.com He will be able to assist you and get you the answers you seek in an expeditious manner and provide you great representation and feedback. Jason has been hand picked by me and has worked with me for almost 9 years. He knows what he is doing and can help you right away and get you the answers you are looking for.

2.      You Are Considering A Purchase of An Investment Property Individually (No Partnership) and Want Darin Garman to Represent You In That Purchase. 

If this is you, wanting to purchase a property here in the Heartland of America BUT want my direct assistance in ‘turn key investing’ into a project where I take care of the purchase, management and tax work for your investment is $1,997.00. This means that you are NOT partnering with Darin Garman and NOT partnering with any other people—you are purchasing investment real estate, the smart and profitable way—with you as 100% owner. I take care of all of the details for you from finding the property meeting your criteria while you are busy doing other things. Also, I can arrange all of the management and bookkeeping and tax work too. I do all of the work and provide you the turn key property that passes my litmus test and of course yours too. Many call this the real shortcut to owning your very own apartment property with all aspects set up and put in place for you – by me. 

3.  You Want To Be Involved In My Next Property Purchase As My Partner and Have Over $50,000 To Invest In Regular, SEP, Keogh Or IRA Monies.

If this is you, wanting to purchase a property here in the Heartland of America, have $50,000 or more to invest and want to partner with me (yes I put my own money into these properties) in the purchase of real estate projects for the next 12 months where I take care of the purchase, management, legal and partnership work and tax work for you to. You have absolutely no responsibility at all. 

This means that you ARE partnering with Darin Garman—Getting Active Owner Benefits...Without Being An Active Owner:

You are purchasing investment real estate, the smart and profitable way—with an expert doing the ‘heavy lifting.’

  • Getting the return and cash flow benefits of a real estate expert without taking the time to become that expert. You fast forward your progress. There is no “learning curve.”
  • No time or money dealing with courses or classes, taking the time to go out and get educated.
  • No time inspecting properties, dealing with owners, Realtors or tenants.
  • No time spent on property management or tenant interactions.
  • No time spent on bookkeeping.
  • No time spent on tax return work BUT you get all of the tax benefits too!

And arguably, even more important than the above...

Not worrying if you are making a property purchase mistake OR having a property mistake come back to haunt you, cost you money or worry keep you awake at night...

I take care of all of the details for you from finding the property meeting your criteria while you are busy doing other things. The total amount of work needed from you is to review your property reports monthly and cash your properties cash flow checks. That is about it.  Detailed information on this program is at

How to Partner With Darin - Opportunity For Investors With More Than $50,000 >>

Please be aware that I limit the number of Private Clients so there may be a waiting list.

4.  You Want To Be Involved In My Next Property Purchase As My Partner and Have Less Than $50,000 To Invest In Regular, SEP, Keogh Or IRA Monies

With this program you get the same benefits of my Private Client Program (#3 above) with the exception of:

We will invest in properties requiring Less than a $50,000 investment from you individually. In some/many cases these are 'low down' properties.

Your investment for this is $299.00 - $497.00 per month cancellable at any time.

All other benefits are the same. The thing to keep in mind here is you get to look at projects that require less than a $50,000 investment from you and the fee to me is paid monthly.   There are no minimum investment amounts under this program.  More details on this terrific program –

How to Partner With Darin - Opportunity For Investors With Less Than $50,000 >>

In Summary:

These descriptions of course are brief and I am sure you have more questions and obviously it takes a serious investor to work with me in these programs and many will not qualify....however I have detailed information on all of the above programs that can be delivered to you, of course with no obligation, by either referring the links above or completing the form below.

I have made investors millions of dollars over the years using the above programs. Also, there is probably a program above that best suits you that you would require more information on.. A favor I would ask. Please do NOT request any information on any of the programs if you are NOT serious about being a successful commercial real estate owner and investor..doing it the smart way. I would appreciate it. If interested in any of these programs complete the accompanying form below or refer to the programs above and click on the respective links.

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Darin Garman, CCIM

P.S.   Examples of what my private partners and I have recently purchased:

Council Street Investment.
16 Units

Projected Return... 14.44% Annual.

Type of Investment:  Partnership

Purchased:  March 2009 

Private Partner/Client Group

Triple Net Lease Investment...Ace Hardware Store

 Projected Return... 11.1% Annual.

 Type of Investment:  Partnership

 Purchased:  December 2007 


48 Unit Apartment Property

 Projected Return... 8.8% Annual.

 Type of Investment:  Partnership

 Purchased:  February 2008 



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