What You Are About To Read is So Different and Has Been So Profitable For My Clients That I Guarantee You Will Wonder Why You Did Not Do This Yourself Years Ago...

"How My Most Successful Clients Use Their IRA/SEP’s and Keoghs To Own Millions In Low Risk High Cash Flow Apartments And Commercial Investment Property And They Never Have To Deal With Managing Them."

They Use Your IRA. SEP, Keogh’s or Other Monies To Get ALL of The Tax Deferred Benefits Of An Active Owner Of Apartments And Commercial Investment Real Estate Without Being An Active Owner..

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Wednesday, 9:22 p.m.

Dear Friend:

For the last 18 years I have been a Commercial Investment Real Estate Specialist acting as a consultant for many wealthy investors across America. The “CCIM” stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member, the ‘PhD of Apartments and Commercial Real Estate.’

Basically, when it comes to investment real estate, I’ve been America’s safest “Go To Guy” for many wealthy people interested in investing in Apartments and Commercial Investment Real Estate over the years.

Here's my story and why it is important to YOU: Eighteen years ago, thanks to Napoleon Hill, I decided to quit my job as a prison guard in Iowa (I know it sounds glamorous, doesn't it?) and work in the world of commercial real estate. Actually, investment real estate. You know, apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, etc.

Why am I saying that this all occurred thanks to Napoleon Hill?...Who is this guy??

Well, one day an empty liquor bottle was found in a garbage can right outside of my office in the prison. Of course I had no idea how an empty liquor bottle got inside the prison and into the garbage can outside of my office, but the Warden wanted some answers from me.

As I am sitting outside of the Wardens office, waiting to be questioned, I spot a worn out book on a book shelf. The title of the book was “Think And Grow Rich”. Of course this is Napoleon Hill’s classic.

Anyway, I started reading this book and it had a huge impact on my outlook in life. Such an impact that I quit my job there at the prison to pursue a burning desire. The desire to work in the world of commercial-investment real estate.. Why? Why would I do this?

And, more importantly, how does this decision in my life benefit you?

Well, I did it because I thought it would be profitable and also a lot of fun. I mean it had to beat the prison guard scene. So, being new and of course wet behind the ears, I swallowed hard and jumped out of my prison guard job right into the world of investment real estate here in the Heartland of America.

The Difference Was Unbelievable

Of course, I had my suspicions of how the world of apartments and commercial-investment real estate operated (hassles, management, etc.) but you can imagine my surprise at how quickly this kind of property built the wealth of the investors that decided to invest in it. In other words, I wasn’t so surprised that this kind of investing was profitable. But I was shocked at how quickly these investors built their “IRA Wealth” (Tax DEFERRED I might add) over such a short period of time. And here's the interesting thing, you never hear people talk about this kind of real estate investment – I mean Heartland Real Estate for my IRA??—hands off heartland investment property??

Now, Here Is Where This Can Benefit You

Since that time AND over the last eighteen years, I've found out the ultimate "hands down" real estate investment that no one really ever talks about. It's almost like a secret society; the way these people keep this information to themselves; the documented profits that I have on file that these investors have achieved far exceeds any other typical investments. And I mean all investments.

Think about this for a second. “What if” you could put some of your IRA Money Into great apartments and/or commercial investment properties that:

Gave you great returns – usually 8% - 28% or even better—and that is just from monthly cash flow

• At the same time you get this cash flow you also build equity in large properties.

• Receive large amounts of income tax savings.

• DO NOT have to guaranty the debt to purchase property. Usually when you buy investment real  estate on your own…You do.

• No capital calls. Once you make your investment into say A US Post Office with your IRA….that  is it. You can choose to invest more in the future if you want but you will not have to make any  more investments again. So, if things go bad you cannot be called to contribute more money.

• All management is handled and done for you. All you really do is get a check and a monthly  report once per month. That is the amount of your total involvement.

• All management is professional and handled by an expert.

• Extremely Low Risk. Not highly leveraged properties and these are good properties in good locations.

• Invest In Properties Leased By Companies Such As Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and US Post Offices, Barnes And Noble, Best Buy, and others.

You See, I Discovered These Hands Off Apartment and Commercial Investment Property Ownership Secrets And Benefits Like This Could Be Duplicated

But, do you know what the most interesting thing was to me about all of this? It was that I found anyone can quickly and easily duplicate what these "big league" investors have achieved using Heartland apartments and commercial and investment real estate and can become wealthy faster and build cash flow much quicker and with more predictability…if you know what you are doing.

I tell you...you haven't seen anything until you hang around my office for a week and rub elbows with these people...most of whom make you wonder why you've been investing your money the way you have been. When I learned that “no active management, low risk, high return” apartment and commercial investment properties were behind their outrageous success, I started to look for opportunities myself and buy them post-haste.

Think about it...when was the last time someone talked to you about using some of your IRA Savings to own an apartment building or commercial property...especially in the Heartland? C’mon right??

Probably never. Most talk has always been about traditional investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and maybe even single-family homes or some other kind of investment real estate, which was probably somewhere in your local market. Maybe you've heard of some single-family home investors and some of the profits that they have been able to make right there in your own market. But, when it came to the cash flow, instant equity profits, and quick returns…these “heartland” investment profits were very surprising to me, but I had only scratched the surface.

I Got My ‘Invest Your IRA Into Great Real Estate Education’ After This
One Deal

Here's what happened: I was working on a 16 unit apartment property in North Liberty, Iowa. Nice property with good cash flow, in good condition, fully occupied, etc. The type of apartment property you would be proud to call your own. Anyway, in order to purchase this building you would need $160,000.00 down payment. Now, not everyone has $160,000.00 down payment and even when some investors do they were not comfortable putting $160,000.00 into a property all at once. It's a lot of money.

So, I am sitting down one day talking to a client of mine and this deal came up. We talked about it. Then, he said something to me that really made me see the light. Here is what he said:

"Darin, this property you have sounds good. My IRA could use a 13% return as well as the tax benefits (savings) right now. Why don't we purchase this property using my IRA?" I thought about it for a second and asked the obvious question: "Are you talking about investing your IRA to buy this—similar to investing it in say a stock or mutual fund?   Why would you want to buy the property this way?

Well, here is what he told me, I will never forget it…..

I. Less Risk. No signing personally on loans, no more capital requirements needed after my initial investment.

2. Achieve very good return on money—especially his IRA.

3. Get to use all of the tax benefits of owning investment real estate. Large income tax savings that reduces his tax bill to Uncle Sam.

4. Financing Is Easier and less costly and you do not have to borrow as much money.

5. We have a nice liability umbrella.


7. Having an expert oversee, run and manage the property. No time spent on figuring ALL this out myself.

Click Here:  Request To Invest Your IRA With Darin On His
Next Apartment Or Commercial Property.

It made sense. Why wouldn't you want your IRA (or part of your IRA—you don’t need the whole thing) to own good investment real estate, either to diversify your holdings or if you were more serious, to quickly build your wealth, obtain all of the benefits of investment real estate BUT escape some of the typical hassles associated with investment real estate?

I Found Out Most Successful Real Estate Investors Follow This Formula.

Well, a few months later we put together this Private Investment FUND and the deal has worked out very well for his IRA. Everyone is happy, the cash flow is very good, the risk level is lower, the return is good AND there is no management involved! We ended up putting 7 investors (counting myself) into the Fund with many using all (or part) of their IRA.

I Found Out This Was Not The First IRA Real Estate Investment That Some of These Successful Investors Were Involved In

This is where the rubber met the road for me on this strategy. Many of these successful investors were involved in other real estate investment deals similar to this. What I found out was that many of these successful investors were very busy with either their own lifestyle, their own businesses, etc. and had no time to oversee the day to day operations of investment real estate. But, they understood the benefits of owning good investment real estate and many used their IRA’s to do this.

This was the best way for them to build their wealth, obtain good cash flows and good returns on their money with low risk while they had a business and personal life! Many of these investors had been doing this for years.

I know what you're thinking because I thought the same thing. Aren’t these kinds of investments fraught with problems, difficulties and peril?

Far from it.

Most of MY apartment property and commercial investment real estate owners are making thousands of dollars or more per month and they do it quietly. They are just doing it the smart way. They not only have a life they have good investment real estate working for them simultaneously. Now, I finally figured out why my client wanted to buy this building so bad and why others successful seasoned investors like him were doing it all the time.

Using The Heartland of America Real Estate is the faster, less stressful, more profitable way to build wealth for your IRA..Tax Deferred!

After this experience, you're not going to be surprised that I jumped into this niche full-time and worked hard with these people. The result is $400+ million dollars in apartment/commercial property sales and transactions for my clients and for myself.

Since this revelation, I discovered by accident that not only was real estate the best investment, but also apartment properties and commercial investment property were specifically the way to go.

But, here’s the crucial point-

—Why Heartland Of America Commercial or Apartment Properties Anyway? Why Here?? Especially For All Or Part of My IRA?

Well, here is what most people tell me their reasons are for investing in income producing real estate in the Heartland..

1. The People, Communities and Family Values. You will be hard pressed to find more conservative and caring folks than in the Heartland. I’m talking red white and blue people here. What do I mean? Well low crime for starters. Chances for terrorism here? Not likely. Gangs or Gang fights? Nope. Family Values? Many will tell you there is no better place to raise kids and mean Good kids than the Heartland. For example Iowa is in the top 5 in ACT scores in the US year after year! Little league, softball, county fairs, state fairs, local community events, etc. etc. Its about stability. Remember the movie Field of Dreams?? This is Iowa…
2. Responsibility. In general people are very responsible. You do not get much “victim” attitude here. I am talking more about tenants here than anything else since it will be tenants that will be paying rent on an apartment or a commercial property. People actually take pride at being responsible and paying their bills on time. Yes, it’s a credit thing but more often than not it is also a Character trait as well. People want to pay you and pay on time.

3. Stability. Look, not much happens here. Its stable, not high on the excitement scale and not low either, but stable and pretty darn predictable. Many people here think LONG TERM, not short term. When you have a market and a demographic that puts emphasis on family, Little League, responsibility and keeping things stable you do have a trade off. But, the good news is the trade off is much more predictable cash flows and returns for investors like us vs. going into some weird investment scheme or wild marketplace.

4. The Place Where Even Celebrities Own Property. Harrison Ford recently bought a property here in the Heartland. This is public news so I am not giving away any secrets here. He bought a property in NW Iowa community of Okoboji. Other entertainment and sports as well as business celebrities quietly have money invested here in the Heartland too. This is NOT because it is cool….It is because it is profitable!!!

I can even give you an example of:


For example: There's Ron Myer.

Ron went from a busy entrepreneur to a super successful MEMBER. He now has ownership interest in over 140,000 square feet of commercial property and over 90 apartment units. All within about 12 months.

By working with me Ron used these “heartland real estate investment strategies” to add a nice toll booth” machine that like the Energizer bunny keeps chugging along.

This is the property I own with Ron Meyer.

Then there's Tony Tallman.

Tony was a guy that had, as part of another one of MY FUNDS, purchased a apartment investment property that was doing well for him. At this point in his life, apartments were more of a hobby more than anything else. And, I did not tell you the best part….

Tony is 27 Years OLD!!!

He now has ownership interests in an office building and over 100 apartment property units and a lot of those are held by his IRA.

This is a 48 unit property Tony and I own together.

So, What Does All Of This Mean To YOU?

These last two examples are just to point out what you can do with this kind of cash flow and return—especially when you don’t have to work that hard to get it. You can either sit back and enjoy the TAX DEFERRED profits and cash flow OR you can go all the way to using it to start another business., buy more real estate, pay for your next toy, etc.

I don't care what you're doing; you can't find that kind of return or wealth building that my Private Heartland IRA Property offers anywhere. The numbers from these investors and their properties are actual numbers with no "blue sky" involved. (I have a signed affidavit in my office from Tony if you want a copy, I will send you one)


Heartland of America real estate is the perfect place for your IRA. As a matter of fact this is what my experienced clients call the “DOUBLE BANG”.

In other words you can have all of the benefits that an IRA, SEP, etc. can give you while having these monies ALSO invested in Heartland of America Real Estate.


You can also do what my clients call the “Hybrid Double Bang”. This is where they will mix and match investments. For example, I will have a client invest $75,000 from his “regular” monies and another $75,000 from his IRA. Thus the term “Hybrid”. One person investing their regular monies AND their retirement monies at the same time.

Great tactic that works very, very well.

Plus, let me say right now that it is VERY EASY to invest your IRA into commercial real estate. On the surface it seems that it should be complicated and fraught with problems but the good news is that its VERY EASY to do and the paperwork process to do it takes about 10 minutes to get through.. That’s It NO MATTER WHERE YOUR IRA MONIES ARE LOCATED AT THE PRESENT TIME!!

Imagine being able to take advantage of this by also giving your IRA a huge low risk BOOST!

I bet you can relate to this.


I bet apartments / commercial investment real estate, especially the kind that I deal with on a day to day basis, has been on your “to do” list for quite some time You have probably thought about being an owner of some apartments or commercial investment real estate. But have probably stopped short because:

1. Your age or family status.
2. Your lack of knowledge that would make your comfortable about owning and investing in commercial real estate. Not really totally understanding the great benefits along with the cash flow you would receive. So, you put it off.
3. Lack of time. This is the biggie. Not enough time to really sit down and research and educate yourself about he possibilities of commercial investment real estate.
4. You think it may be risky or you’re afraid of what your relatives or friends may say about it.
5. You think you may have to manage people dragging away more of your precious time.
6. You think other investments are much better (stocks, bonds, single family homes, etc.)
7. Did not know you could invest your IRA into great commercial real estate properties in the first place or think its complicated.

Well, you can rest assured because I have made the process of being an owner, a profitable owner mind you, an easy and hassle free experience. There is really no need to let any of these reasons get in your way. My partners are surprised at how easy it is working with me and how much is really done for them.

The best part is getting all of the benefits of great investment real estate without having to commit to being a commercial investment real estate expert. The leverage of time and money here is huge.

And the good news is that this pretty much happens automatically. Just by being associated with me a whole new world of great apartments and commercial investment property deals, I mean REAL deals will be available to you as one of my MEMBERS.

How Successful Is Your “Go To Person” At Making Money For Themselves AND Their Clients??

If you were to team up with someone wouldn’t you want it to be someone that is successful? Has a successful track record in investment real estate? Has the experience of being an owner of this kind of real estate as well? Puts his own money in this real estate day after day?

Click Here:  Request To Invest Your IRA With Darin On His
Next Apartment Or Commercial Property.

The nice thing about what I do is that I have constant communication, access and one on one relationships with some of the top apartment and commercial property owners in the country as well as my clients. I have assisted these folks in the purchase of over $400,000,000.00 in apartments and commercial investment property. Also, I have an ownership interest in over $18,000,000.00 in apartments and commercial investment real estate myself. You cannot arguably find anyone else to work with that can grow your wealth, and I mean quickly, than me. Believe me, once people get plugged into me and my Heartland Properties their investment lives change...

But It Is Not For Everybody AND I Admit I Am Picky

As you will see, this is a lot of hard work on my part and that’s OK. But, I only have so much time to work with successful investors. So, because I am concerned about getting you the quality information and wealth building opportunities you deserve as a MEMBER of my program, I am limiting MEMBERSHIP and ownership in my next Private Heartland IRA Property Purchase to people with at least $50,000.00+ to invest.

Also, as I said before, you need to be serious about this. I only have room for serious investors dedicated to growing their wealth through apartment and commercial investment properties. If you are not serious about using investment real estate to predictably grow your wealth, then, you should not read any further.

OK, quick prescreening over. If you are still with me you must be a serious investor and/or want to be an owner of great real estate, so, lets not waste anymore time and go over the FREE program in detail

Before I go any further, it is important that you let me tell you, briefly, how this “doing it for you” typically works. Having it done for you and my auto pilot management process:
I will have a customer or client call me and say they have $150,000.00 in an IRA they want to put into a property with ME in the next 60—90 days. During this time I locate the project we will own, together that will deliver them their cash flow, tax savings and overall wealth building specifications and we close. Done deal and the cash flow, returns and income tax savings start. No coming here, no hassles, none of that. I literally take care of all of it for you.

However, if you want to come here, look at the property, kick the bricks, etc. by all means you are welcome. I’d love to have you! But, if you are busy, have a lot of other obligations, etc. I don’t blame you for having me do it for you from “home base.” My MEMBERS actually prefer it this way.

** One thing that you need to know that is very important to my MEMBERS is I partner with you on these properties. Yes, I only select properties for you to get involved in that I AM INVESTING MY OWN MONEY IN AS WELL. I ALSO MANAGE THESE PROPERTIES AS WELL. You can feel confident that my members know that I have my OWN SKIN IN THESE PROPERTIES and that makes them sleep very well at night. In other words I would not put you into a property that I would not personally invest in myself.

I just thought that would need a little more explaining since most of my MEMBERS prefer to have me do it for them.

But, wait, there is some bad news about The Heartland Property

I Need To Share With You…

There is a plus and a minus to everything. I cannot go any further without talking about the downside of working with me and the FUND. Heck, I will be up front and list them out for you:

1. Heartland property does not increase in value at rocket speeds. If you are looking to buy a property for $500,000.00 and sell it for $1,000,000.00 in 6 months, well, this is not the place to be. It just won’t happen. Just as we don’t have huge upswings at rocket speeds we do not have downswings at rocket speeds either. Over 93% of the property that I have worked on has appreciated in value each and every year of ownership.

2. Conservative Environment and Stable Properties In Stable Communities
The investment environment here is very conservative. Everyone from lenders to appraiser are pretty darn conservative, so, there are not many real flexible “borrow money to the max” or “lets take some chances” on this property kind of attitudes. Remember, this is the world of baseball, mom and dad and county fairs.

IF THIS MAKES SENSE TO YOU Click Here:  Request To Invest Your IRA With Darin On His Next Apartment Or Commercial Property.

So you see there is the conventional and the unconventional.  IRA investing with me as your partner in Heartland of America Apartments and Commercial Real Estate is a but unconventional, however, my top clients will tell you that they LOVE the unconventional - and you will too!

I look forward to getting this information to you. In the event you have any questions you can reach me via email at darin_garman@msn.com or call me directly at 319-350-5378.


Darin Garman, CCIM
America’s Apartment and Investment Property Specialist
Heartland Investment Funds

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