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Below you'll find some profit-producing articles for Apartment and Commercial Property Investors.

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What Do Successful Commercial Real Estate Investors Do On The Weekends...
Here I Am, Sunday, Working on a Deal

How To Be An Investment Property Winner - Contrary to What Most Think...
One of the things that many of us are in pursuit of

The Dirty Three Letter Word Of Commercial Real Estate Investors...
A big mistake a lot of people make when it comes to investing

The Answer To One Of The Most Requested Questions I Get...
If you were to guess, what do you think the question I get asked the most?

Your Commercial or Apartment Real Estate Checklist
So, what am I doing this weekend?? I am in my Ford Expedition

Garman Swears Under Oath
Last month I talked about how the ease of credit will make owning an investment property.

Controversial Article From Darin Garman, CCIM
Wow! What a reaction to my last article on Realistic Commercial Investment Expectations.

Do You Have Realistic Investment Real Estate Expectations?
Realistic Expectations... This article will produce a lot of controversy.

Where Are The Best Apartment And Commercial Property Deals Found?
Oddly enough, most great deals DO NOT come from

What Is The Most Frequently Asked Question For Darin Garman The Apartment Specialist?
There is one question that I am asked over and over again by my customers and clients

Are You An Owner Or An Investor?
I thought it would be a good idea to talk about being More investor, Less Owner

Frank Likes Checks Like That...With Zero Time Involved...
I just got done talking to a client of mine about our latest deal.

The Dirty Four Letter Word Of Commercial Real Estate Investors
A big mistake a lot of people make when it comes to investing

Who Does Darin Garman Hang Out With??
Better question..Who do YOU Hang Out With...

How Long Should A Great Real Estate Deal Take??
I often get the question, "How Long Should A Great Real Estate Deal Take??"

The Easiest Way To Commercial Investment Real Estate Success
One of the things that many of us are in pursuit of, really in anything is being a winner.

Under The Surface of a Commercial Investment Property Part II
One of the things I talk about, a lot, especially with the members of the Commercial Investment Property Owners Association

How far in advance should you get your Apartment ready to go “on the market" ?
Apartment property investors are constantly asking me when is the ideal time

How Automated Is Your Business - Using Leverage??
How much time are you spending on your business??

Make Sure You Know Where You Want To Be Now AND In The Future Realistically
I just finished a transaction that made the buyer a lot of money.

Having More Listings to Look At and Where To Find Them. For Example - You Have Too Many Listings Garman!!
Once in awhile get some interesting questions.

Make Sure You Know How To REALLY Read Financial Statements From Properties You Are Considering
I mentioned the results of not doing a good job by really taking a look at and analyzing your financial statement.

Commercial Investors' Time Management Strategies
Here are some specific strategies for you to consider


Check back often, as I will be constantly adding new real estate investing articles and information that will add to your bottom line.


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