An open letter from a once overworked fast food  franchise manager who “stumbled across” Darin Garman and the apartment investment business.

A Happy Clark Hedja (right) and Darin Garman (left) in front of one of Clark's apartment purchases.

This guy, Darin Garman, the 'Apartment Specialist', promises all sorts of things to us commercial property investors. Buying strategies that really pay off, ways to make more money at the closing table, how to sell a property quickly and for the most money. Every time I had read one of his ads or listened in on one of his conference calls I thought: “Who could be dumb enough to fall for this guy's rap?” Now, I'm going to tell the truth about this guy and his “apartment and commercial property investment secrets”.

My name is Clark Hejda and I live in the Midwest. After working in the fast-paced high burnout world of managing fast food restaurants for years I decided that enough is enough. I had a wealth of experience and an inclination to go out on my own. So, a few years ago, I decided to buy my first apartment building.

Not long after my first couple of purchases, I began seeing his ads month after month, in the mail, newspaper, Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, etc.  I finally broke down and out of curiosity, answered Darin Garman's ad. I figured that if I really wanted to make it in the apartment business it may be a good idea to be a bit more open minded about different ideas. So, I requested a free report and made an appointment to see him. To my surprise, his approach made so much sense that I turned around and started working with him, but, I had every intention of continuing to shop around for other opportunities. After all, I had learned something by being in the restaurant business for over 15 years and owning a couple of apartment buildings, what could this guy teach me? I thought with my past business experience I “knew” every way to make decent money with apartments.

What I found out by working with Darin actually scared me - most of it was so different from what I'd seen, heard, been taught, or believed. As I began working with Darin and started soaking up all the information he was giving me like a sponge. I saw the real way to make money and earn a living from my apartment investments. I even looked at myself as an apartment property investor differently. So, being skeptical and hopeful at the same time I started working with Darin to try out some of his suggestions and ideas. I was, to say the least, pleasantly surprised. I'm kind of a private person so, I'm not going to give you exact properties, number of units or addresses, but here is how I did:

     I started out purchasing a couple of buildings that Darin recommended. I also found out that a lot of owners like to work with Darin on a private basis for many reasons, so I had a new source that could give me more apartment listings to look at. Anyway, these buildings paid off BIG TIME! I don't want to mention exact numbers, but let's just say I had excellent profit margins and good tenants. How could such a fantastic thing happen? The answer simply is; by working with the Apartment and Commercial Investment Property Market Specialist, working with the “master”, Darin Garman.

     My apartment business is booming. My results I have achieved as of today are phenomenal. Working with Darin and using his recommendations have given me the lifestyle I have been after all along. What's important is that I actually enjoy this business and the life style it gives me.

     So, here's the raw truth about this Darin Garman guy. He's a bona fide expert in apartment and commercial properties and with his assistance you can earn literally thousands of dollars more from properties, save hours and hours of time, find thousands of instant profits from properties, and the biggest reason of all - avoid making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars - whether you're buying or selling an investment property. So, not only can you make more money and save more time, but you can make it easier and more enjoyable than you could imagine. And in my opinion, you're a fool to ignore him.

     If you've responded to any of his informative FREE reports you probably get his newsletter, or get some postcards from him month after month. If you haven't responded - I don't know why you wouldn't. Maybe you think you are too smart and know it all, like I did. Maybe you are doing pretty well in another business or profession - but you could do better. Maybe you just don't want to be “sold” on working with a particular specialist that might be a waste of your time and money. About that you can relax - Darin guarantees your results.

     I've got many reasons why you ought to investigate what Darin has to offer. What reason do you have to not work with him?

     By the way, I wasn't paid a penny or given anything to write this up about Darin. I'm the 'real deal'. I just did this for Darin as a way of saying thanks for everything he's done. And, I'm not the only guy who feels this way. All I can say is don't envy me, join me.

Clark Hejda

PS - Please don't get my number and call me - The last thing I need is a zillion phone calls asking about Darin. I've said what I have to say right here. What else could you possibly need to know?


Copyright 2006 Darin Garman, CCIM, All Rights Reserved
Apartment and Commercial Investment Property Specialist

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Copyright 2006 Darin Garman, CCIM, All Rights Reserved.
Apartment and Commercial Investment Property Specialist